Hexadermal Wipes

Hexadermal wipes, with its alcohol content, is used for disinfection of living tissues and as presurgery skin antiseptic. It has bactericidal, fungicidal and virus inactivating properties.  It is free from cumulative long-term acting ingredients. Suitable for sensitive or allergic skin. Hexadermal wipes is well tolerated by the skin, doesn’t cause irritation or sensitization. 


Ethanol 63.0 (% 72 v/v)
Isopropanol 0.30
Lanoline, cetyl alcohol, 1-3 butandiol

Contains Hexaermal Solutions

Antimicrobial Properties
Bactericidal ( Icnl. Tb – MRSA , VRE)
Virus inactivating
(HBV, HCV, HIV, Rota, Vaccinia, Adeno, Polio, Norowalk, Papova, influenza)