Ethanol 63.0 (% 72 v/v) 
Isopropanol 0.30
1-3 butandiol,lanoline,carbomer,glycerine, cetyl alcohol and essences


Hexadermal is ready to use, use without dilution on dry hands. In accordance with hand hygiene rules, should be used in original packing .Place soft bag in its original wall dispenser and push the valve 2 times to draw the excess air out. Hygenic hand antisepsis : Pour 3-5 ml of Hexadermal in to your palm and rub hands till wrists until completely dry (30 seconds) . It is recommended to repeat the application in case of tuberculosis contact or risk of contamination.

Surgical hand antisepsis : 5 ml Hexadermal should be applied to hands,wrist, forearm till the elbow during 3 minutes. Target area must remain well moistened during the whole application time.

Before injection skin antisepsis : Hexadermal should be applied to the area for 15 seconds.

Hygienic hand disinfection : 30 sec.

Surgical hand disinfection : 3 min.

Hand and Skin Antiseptic / Jel Form

Air Proof Softbag - Valve System For Sensitive Skin